A responsible attitude towards our stakeholders

Our main stakeholders are our clients, employees, suppliers and controlling institutions. The development of our relations with all the stakeholders are guided by the values of integrity, transparency and legitimacy (see more on our CSR here). As we offer our services to the clients, we always look for reasonable solutions that would best fit the expectations and individual needs and budget of each client.

Social activities

For over 13 years we are a social enterprise, with about 80 percent of the staff consisting of employees with physical disabilities and limited work opportunities due to their health status and the nature of the ailment. The company aims to create flexible working conditions, to choose the most suitable positions, depending on the individual health needs of each employee. All new employees participate in internal training and are introduced to work by a senior colleague. The company has a tradition to go on a trip or a cultural event twice a year, usually during the Christmas holidays and on the company’s birthday in May. The programme of the events is chosen by the employees themselves.

Environmental protection

During the preparation of the documents for the archival preservation or for the destruction of documents our staff removes the unnecessary elements – plastic sleeves, metal braces and cufflinks, and so on. The documents will become more suitable for processing, after their retention period is over (for more details see about our Document Destruction service). Timely following the expiry of the retention period accelerates the destruction of documents in paper recycling and the production cycle – destroyed, crushed raw material is handed in for recycling. That’s how we and our customers contribute to the sustainable use of wood materials for paper production.