Upon request of the clients, we provide training for employees, responsible for document management. We train how to use the prepared file records, how to ensure efficient management of archive documents, how to prepare or use the prepared documentation plan, how to appraise the documents, and on other relevant topics.


Advice on document management issues

Document management is a very important part of internal communication of all establishments. In case of failure to record information in the documents properly or in case of storing them without any system, an institution loses the opportunity to effectively use the accumulated knowledge resources, cannot transfer this knowledge to new employees or use it to make new decisions. Business archive is not only the subject of legal responsibility, but also the history of the company, “know-how” information. Therefore, a knowledge management system is required to maintain and use this information properly.

We have gained much experience and have worked with various institutions – both from the public and private sector.  Furthermore, we know the peculiarities of specific fields of activity and the features of file formation, we are aware of typical problems, encountered in document management. We are ready to share this knowledge by offering you the customized document management solutions: advice, preparation of documentation plan, preparation of document management procedure, and staff training.

Preparation of documentation plan

Documentation plan is prepared at the end of a calendar year and specifies the files to be formed during the next calendar year, as well as names the employee, who will be responsible for the correct formation of a file.

Documentation plan is required to ensure effective management of the documents in all activities of a company. It involves all the files planned to be formed by a company. The documentation plan is prepared annually, 2 months before a new year. This document is an integral part of the corporate document management procedure.

Benefits of the documentation plan for your company:

  • Copies of the documents are not included into archival files;
  • Working time of employees is saved (there is no need to waste time for going deep into the rules of time limits for document storage or think where to find the required documents);
  • Employees’ responsibility for correct formation of files is determined.

Document management procedure

Experienced and qualified professionals of UAB “Archyvita” (Ltd.) offer the larger companies or companies with more complex structure the service for effective document management – creation of the document management procedures, which describe the processes of document preparation, visualization, signing, execution, accountability, etc.

Moreover, we offer to create the management procedures for specific document groups, e.g., document preparation and accounting procedure, contract management procedure, etc.

Benefits of the document management procedures for your company:

  • Working time of employees is saved (there is no need to waste time for going deep into the rules of document preparation, management, and accounting);
  • The way a document moves in a company is shortened;
  • Correct distribution of documents to files is ensured;
  • Employees’ responsibility documents for is provided;
  • Search for documents is facilitated.

Transport services / archive relocation services

When companies change their office or archive premises, there is a need for safe and qualified transportation of archival files. We offer the assistance of our specialists, who will help to handle the archival files and systematically place them in a new place, following the archival management principles.

Document scanning services

We can offer a large-scale document scanning service – our employees will scan and send electronic versions of the documents to the client.

Removal of documents to be destructed and waste paper

We are ready to remove and safely recycle the documents to be destructed.