Why it is necessary to arrange company documents?

Document management cycle consists of four stages: 1) creation of the documents, 2) filing the documents, 3) storage of the documents and 4) destruction of the documents. Occurance of the corporate documents is natural part of everyday activities in every company, but the last stages of documents life cycle, i.e. storage and destruction usually are at the end of ‘to do’s’ list, there is always no time for taking care of documents archive as there are more important and urgent tasks related to everyday routine, involving producing new documents among them. The number of document files at the working places and in the archive is growing, and it becomes more and more difficult to find a particular file of document, especially if the responsible employee changes. In situation like this companies appoint office administrator or assistant to arrange files and put an order in the archive of the company, but it is often the case that the employee who takes care about archive documents not as his or her primary function, does not know the legal requirements and is unqualified to make it correctly.

What is “Document arrangement service”?

What is “Document arrangement service”?

According the Law on Documents and Archives of the Republic of Lithuania, Article 2, Documents arrangement services means systematic arrangement of documents of other persons, arrangement of files and preparation of accounting of files in accordance with the procedure laid down by legal acts regulating documents management”. Legal acts regulating documents management set the order what kind of documents should be formed in the companies registered in the Republic of Lithuania, how they should be filed, how their inventories and lists should be prepared, how long different types of the documents should be preserved. All these issues are rather complicated and require specific knowledge and experience.


Main activity of our company is the service of documents arrangement which we successfully provide to all types of companies for more than 18 years. We are experts in terms of document management legislation and have huge experience in filing the documents of companies working in different businesses. We will be glad to serve you and to turn your archive from burden to the convenient place of information storage.

How the document management service is provided?

We start from evaluating the archive of the client. During the direct evaluation at client’s office we can decide upon the state and quality of document filing and suggest the most useful solution of the archive issues. After we agree upon the work and price lists, we sign the agreement and start to arrange the client’s documents he provides. We can either arrange documents in client’s office or we can transport the documents for arrangement in our office and afterwards return the prepared files put in archive boxes with electronic lists.

Clients may choose to store their document archive in our document repositories for monthly charge (see more: Document storage). Also while arranging the client’s documents we select out the documents with terminated period of retention (according General Terms of Document Storage Index of the Republic of Lithuania) that can be destroyed according the act of document destruction after the approval of the client’s head (see more: Document destruction).

We recommend to use the documents arrangement service annually, in order to avoid the big amounts of not arranged documents and high costs for the necessary works.

What are the benefits of document arrangement service for your company?

There are several important benefits for companies that use the services of document arrangement, provided by external service provider. These benefits are directly related to company operations quality, administration costs and efficiency:

  • reduce the space occupied by the company’s archive by up to 50 percent;
  • make more efficient use of time of the qualified employees (they do not need to go deep into the rules of document archiving and to archive the documents; our file recording system will speed up the search for the required document);
  • save costs for salary fund: according to our calculations, organization of one-year documents for archival storage costs 1-2 minimal monthly salaries of an employee, working under the employment contract;
  • reduce the cost for office equipment (upon placing the documents into archival files, those expensive document files can be used for new documents);
  • the company’s archive will meet the requirements of the legal acts regulating management of documents and archives, as well as ensure that the head of the company carries out the duty to properly manage and protect the documents, specified by legal acts;
  • in case of reorganization / liquidation of the company, it will not be necessary to specially handle the archive, which must be handed over to the archive of the municipality in accordance with the established procedure;
  • an accurate archive with case records will make it easy to document the delivery and acceptance of the documents in case of staff turnover;
  • an archive, periodically managed by an external service provider, prevents from human factors (document archiving and document search works are performed irrespective of employees’ leaves, illnesses, etc.);
  • If the company must arrange its documents with the state or municipal archives, we are responsible for their preparation and arrangement.