You have probably often wondered how long and tedious the process of finding the right document is. Even if an institution manages documents of digital origin, searching for the right document in the company’s document management system, email or file server is often a major headache. Especially when time is short and the document is needed quickly – here and now. Shelves are full, an audit is coming up and you can’t find what you need quickly, or worse, you don’t know exactly what to look for and where?

We can help you and save you valuable time. With our E-archive service, you can:

Securely store your paper and electronic archive in one place,
Quickly find the digital documents you need (.pdf. .adoc or other formats),
Manage the access rights of the users of the E-archive only to the information they are allowed to access.

The E-Archive is available in Lithuanian or English, and the terms used are consistent with those used in Lithuanian document management legislation and practice. It is a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool based on one of the world’s most advanced archive management systems, developed by US vendors. How it all works:

  • We will scan your documents and transfer them to the E-Archive;
  • We will describe, organise and import your digitally-originated documents into the E-Archive system;
  • We will make the documents conveniently accessible to you via WEB connection 24 hours a day;
  • When the storage period of digital documents expires, a destruction act is drawn up and the documents are destroyed in accordance with the law;
  • We will categorise all the documents into groups according to certain attributes, and all you have to do is to enter a keyword search and the document will be yours!

Everything can be simple, fast and convenient! You can forget about overflowing shelves and unnecessary printing of documents and effectively manage your archive records in real time. Be smart for the environment and manage your documents from anywhere in the world!

Security measures for electronic documents

E-archive data is stored in a Tier-3 certified data centre in Lithuania and information management is carried out in accordance with ISO 27000. Confidentiality levels of customer information are ensured by compartmentalising documents and granting access rights only to authorised persons. Different levels of login security can be applied: two-factor authentication, use of a fixed IP address, authentication of administrator requests, etc.