Preserve only the necessary documents

The company of any type or size produces documents of various terms of preservation. According the laws of Lithuanian Republic regulating the accountability of legal entities, the terms of documents preservation may vary from 1 year up to 50 years. Majority of documents has to be preserved for 10 years. The lists of documentation prepared and regular destruction of the documents of expired terms help to avoid the preservation of unnecessary documents. We will arrange document destruction act and provide it for the confirmation of responsible representative of the client. After the confirmation, we will safely destruct the documents. (see more: document arrangement; document destruction service)

Save office space for work

Our clients profit from saving the space in their archives and offices after we make documents preparation for storage (see more: document storage). Even more space in the office opens up for clients‘ direct functions if the documents are passed to store in your document storages.

Easy search for the documents in the archive

After having arranged the documents into the files and registered them, we will provide you with the electronic versions of the inventories and lists. Using them you will be able to quickly find the neccessary file. If client’s documents are being stored in our document storages, we provide him with the copy or original of the needed document after we receive a document search inquiry via on-line access. The time of needed document delivery may be urgent (1-4 hours) or not urgent (2-4 working days).