Skilled worker is a problem

To prepare institution documents of one calendar year for the archival storage, depending on the amount of documentation, normally takes 1-2 months work for the office worker. It is quite lengthy period, and rarely a responsible employee can devote his or her worktime entirely for this function. Therefore, in most cases the archive management as a secondary function is delegated to the office administrators who put this work to the end of their worklis. Besides, quite often it happens so that the appointed persons are not necessarily familiar with specific documentation requirements, and can not only create additional costs, but also give rise to liability of the institution managers for not preserving the necessary documents for the required period. Therefore, the most useful option is to entrust the archive management function for “Archyvita”, i.e. for the qualified document experts, who will take the responsibility for the quality of services. If the client wishes, our archives professionals come and arrange documents in your office (for more details see: Documents Arrangement).

Less spending for the archive management

In terms of organizational issues and cost efficiency, it is the most useful to entrust archive management function to professionals who will perform this job in high-qualified, inexpensive and convenient way. On average, the preparation of one-year documents of an institution for archival storage with a help of our services costs to customers 1-2 monthly employee salaries. By arranging your company’s documents we use our working tools and archival resources, so your office workers do not spend their time for ordering and purchasing of office and archival tools needed for the job.

Free inspection of your archive documents

If you’re considering to buy the archive document arrangement and storage services, we offer our specialist help inspecting and evaluating the preliminary document quantities and arrangement needs at your archive. Our specialist’s arrival, consultation and the commercial offer prepared according to your companies needs will not cost you. You are welcome to use this advantageous offer for your company and request a visit to your company.