We assure the security and confidentiality of the documents entrusted to us by our clients. We have certified documents storage repositories. Our activities in the fields of information security, service quality and environmental management systems are operated in compliance with ISO standards.  We have business insurance.


Safety of our services

The safety of the documents that are entrusted to us by our clients consists of three major parts: 1) the reliability of our employees directly working with the documents, 2) quality of fire protection, security, IT and other systems, and 3) physical conditions of documents storage.

Employee reliability

We entrust the work with clients’ documents only to carefully selected, trustable, instructed, qualified and experienced personnel. It is also required that the personnel administering and managing the documents of our clients have decent knowledge of legal acts requirements, would be compliant with the norms of confidentiality and ethics, obligatory in providing the documents management services for the clients. Our employees sign very strict confidentiality agreements which define their responsibilities and imply sanctions.

Systems safety

All our documents storage repositories are equipped with fire protection and security systems according the licencing requirements. Our IT systems are administered and protected using the measures defined in the ISO 27001 standard. We only use IT services provided by the reliable and qualified providers.

Physical conditions of documents storage

The documents of our clients are being stored in the storage repositories that are licenced by the Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania. The licences for documents storage are issued only to the storage repositories that are meeting the requirements of the Document Storage Rules, approved by the Chief Archivist in 28/12/2011 Order no. V-157. These requirements include the installation of storage space, height, lighting, microclimate settings, shelving type and layout, etc. These conditions are essential to the quality and the time required to preserve your long-term retention archive to be preserved in our document repositories (for more details see: Document storage). In this case, there is no need to take care of the equipping your document storage with shelving and other archival materials and the saved office space becomes available for more value-added workplaces to install.